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     Greek temples, Rome’s Appian Way, the Renaissance, Byzantine frescos, pirates, pastoral strolls, the majesty of the mountains, the romance and history of the Mediterranean sea, caves, caverns, grottos, rock hewn sanctuaries, castles, gladiators, and knights.  Love stories, celebrations, planting and reaping, the subjects of fairy tales and myths.

     These fantasies are a real world one can escape to.  I know because I live  it.  My name is Grace Baggot.  Life in New York was great but ... I just couldn’t help thinking there could be some truth to this mythical life of Peace I kept hearing about.  Here, around my home on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, I believe I have found it.  Mystery, adventure, nature, and life in it’s purest of forms.

    Almost everyday something makes me stop in amazement of the vast beauty and timelessness.  Here one is close to nature, close to the ancient, and close to the human heart.  These blogs are added to frequently so you can escape here again and again and again.  May I be gifted enough to offer you something new to escape to every time.

    This site has been formatted in blogs to invite you to question or comment in English or Italian.  From the above menu click your area of interest and then you can scan the archive for towns or subjects that you are interested in.  There are many towns in the “Archive” under “Pages” for example. I do not pretend to be a photographer.  The photos were taken with my little point and shoot camera.  There are also brief bits of information I learned in my wanderings. My principal search is to understand these two statements spoken by the elders, both in their eighties and both still alive: “No one used money.  Friendship was different then.” and “We didn’t need money until the electricity came.  Yes, there was more work to do but there was also peace.” What have we gained and what have we lost, contemplated in a world that still nurtures.

Thank you for visiting.  Sincerely,

Grace Baggot  


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Into the Timelessness of Southern Italy